Jakana Heights – high returns forecast

Kampala’s continued economic growth makes investing in the city’s real estate a smart financial move. And Jakana Heights is one of the most exciting opportunities with enormous potential.

Jakana Heights offers you the rare chance to buy residential property built to genuine international standards by a British-American-Ugandan development team. And it gives you the chance to own valuable hilltop real estate where prime building land is in limited supply.

You can also gain further income from the luxury rental market. Kampala’s expansion is bringing more international companies and organisations to the city, especially in the oil industry. The demand for residences suited to professionals, expat executives and entrepreneurs is high.

Off-plan discounts

Commit to buy off-plan, and benefit from a generous discount on the market value of your chosen apartment. You will need to make four instalments over the course of construction, with the last payment on completion.

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